Secondary Education

The age of transition from primary to secondary education in Gibraltar is 12, that is, starting secondary in Year 8.  Comprehensive schools are single sex, Westside (girls) and Bayside (boys); each school has a roll of approximately 900 pupils. 


While the comprehensive schools in Gibraltar are not subject to full OFSTED inspections and do not operate SAT testing, they do deliver a curriculum broadly similar to the English National Curriculum.


At the end of Key Stage 3 in Bayside and Westside (Year 9, about 14 years of age) pupils are assessed by teachers and are given a ‘level’ of attainment. In England, there would be compulsory external tests as well in English, Mathematics and Science.


In Key Stage 4 and 5, both Gibraltarian comprehensives offer GCSE and A Level courses and follow subject syllabi which are broadly comparable to those of the English National Curriculum, using English Examining Boards e.g. OCR, Edexcel, etc. Parents, however, should be aware that there is not the same variety of GCSE subjects as may be found in some UK schools and that some syllabi may differ e.g. the geography syllabus in local schools concentrates on the Mediterranean. 


An important point to also note is that schools in different Local Education Authorities in the UK, and likewise in Gibraltar, will use different examining boards for the same subjects. For example, a school in Hampshire may use Edexcel for a subject whereas a school in Yorkshire or Gibraltar may use OCR; in effect, there are difficulties in moving to a different education authority within the UK as well as overseas. Consequently parents of children who are in the process of choosing their options or who are already embarked on their GCSE syllabi may wish to consider the possible impact of a move to Gibraltar during this critical period of their child’s education. Likewise if there is a possibility that you and your family will leave Gibraltar before completing GCSE examinations, then the impact on the child’s education must be carefully considered. Parents of prospective pupils should seek detailed advice about continuity of education offered for both GCSE and A Level with the relevant school. Contact details are as follows:





College of Further Education

The Gibraltar College of Further Education offers academic, vocaltional and professional courses for all MOD students above the age of 16 who meet the required entry criteria.