Primary School Information

Following the closure of St Christopher’s School in July 2012, all MOD children (except for Foundation Stage) now attend local schools which are organised on a First, Middle and Secondary basis.


First schools cater for pupils between the ages of 5 to 7+ (Years 1 to 3) and Middle Schools for the age range 8 to 12+ (Years 4 to 7).  All schools providing primary education are co-educational and English is the language of instruction.


All curricula are governed by the National Curriculum Regulations which is based on the National Curriculum for England, with specific differences in respect of Spanish which is taught as a foreign language in Middle Schools. 


Local schools are not inspected by OFSTED or an equivalent body.  A range of commercial tests are used to assess the progress of the children but these results are not collated or published. There are no league tables that would enable parents to compare the performance of one school against another.

The Department of Education, however, does publish data on pupils’ performance at GCSE and ‘A’ Level and results are very good and compare very well with schools in England; all teachers have been fully trained in the United Kingdom. The feedback from MOD parents whose children currently attend local primary schools is mainly positive.


MOD transport is provided for children attending St Joseph's First and St Joseph's Middle School.


Children are admitted to schools according to the catchment area in which they live:


Europa Catchment Area 


St Joseph's Middle School website                                     




St Jopseph's First School prospectus 




Four Corners Catchment Area


Notre Dame First School School Prospectus

St Anne's Middle School Prospectus





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