As part of your movement to Gibraltar all children need to have an Educational Clearance Certificate to ensure that we can meet every child's needs. 


To begin this process you need to contact the School Business Manager ( with the following information:


  1. The full names and dates of birth of your child/children.
  2. The contact details of your child/children's current school giving permission to request their school records
  3. The service number, name rank and current unit of the Serving member of the family.
  4. The unit that you are being posted to and the date that the posting starts.


If it is confirmed that your child is not receiving any additional help at school, the SBM in liaison with the Gibraltar Department of Education (DOE) will inform you that a place will be offered to your child in the local school corresponding to the housing catchment area.  


If it is confirmed that your child needs SEN provision that can be addressed within the Goverment of Gibraltar (GoG) schools, the SBM in liaison with the DOE will inform parents that a place will be offered to their child in a GoG school, giving details of  the provision that will be available.


If it is confirmed that your child has SEN or a disability which requires advice from other professionals such as medical or social care, the child must undergo a SEN enquiry with the Gibraltar SEN panel before being admitted to a GoG school.  The SBM will request the consent of parents to share their child's information with the DOE copied to CEAS. The family must not proceed with their move to Gibraltar until the DOE confrims that the needs of the child can be met.  If the child is not registered with CEAS the parents will be advised to do so as required by JSP 770.  All lthe information for the panel is collated by the SBM and put into a format appropriate to the requirements of the panel.


The decision ofj the GOG SEN Panel is communicated to the parents by the SBM and copied to CEAS and the Gibraltar Military Command.  If the decision is positive then the SBM will enclse an Educational Clearance Certificate.

For further information on SEN and the SEN Panel please see SEN section on the Information to Parents page.