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If you are reading this page it is likely that you and your family are to be posted to Gibraltar in the near future or maybe you are trying to decide whether you make this posting an accompanied one with your child(ren).  This page and the information linked to it is designed to help provide you with information for making the choice regarding the future primary and secondary education of your children.  Further information and questions can be answered by contacting Maribel Robba, our locally appointed School Business Manager (contact details on this page), whose role it is to assist you in providing information regarding MoD entitled education in Gibraltar and if you require to arrange familiarisation visits to local schools prior to your posting. 


There have been many changes across defence in the last few years and Gibraltar has not been immune to these changes.  The Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) in 2015 reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to the Permanent Joint Operating Base in Gibraltar but also endorsed the ongoing Transformation Programme focussed on rationalising British Forces Gibraltar into a more efficient, cost effective Command.  The main assumption is that the MoD will maintain its current commitments to Gibraltar in terms of British Sovereignty, Defence and Security.  As part of this rationalisation primary and secondary education is no longer provided by MOD Schools here.  Instead, we have an agreement with the Government of Gibraltar (GoG) for all MoD entitled children requiring primary and secondary education to attend the GoG schools within the catchment area of their accommodation, and the two GoG single sex secondary schools. Students can also enrol at the College of Further Education which delivers vocational courses, as well as traditional academic subjects for the post 16-age group.All GoG schools follow the UK National Curriculum.Nursery and reception year schooling is still provided by MOD Schools at St Christopher’s EYFS unit, Europa Point. Again, Maribel Robba can advise on full details of the GoG education provision.


On this page, the letter from Colin Fleetwood, Senior Principal MOD schools, provides details of the differences between the provision offered in GOG schools to that found in either MOD or UK schools and the options available  to parents posted to Gibraltar.


Whatever decision you do make I look forward to meeting you, and your family, once you have arrived here on The Rock and trust that your time here will be very rewarding and enjoyable.


Commodore Mike Walliker OBE Royal Navy

Commander British Forces Gibraltar